I love you, Elena.

  • Tobias: I love you tris
  • Tris: I love you too
  • Tobias: I love you three
  • Tris: I love you four
  • Tobias: I know

Olicity + voicing concern


People are getting mad at Oliver for being with Sara because Felicity and etc…

But did you guys forget that Oliver is like 100% sure that Felicity isn’t into him and she is kinda in love with Barry? To him, Felicity is so smitten with that nice guy she met that she went to another city to keep him company while on coma. If it wasn’t the signals of blossoming love, Oliver wouldn’t know what that was.

Did you guys forget the painful look on Oliver’s face when she said about the guy interested in her was struck by a lightning? Also, the ‘maybe he’s dreaming about you’ line? So, can we really blame him for trying to move on with someone he knows actually feels something for him instead to let unrequited feelings take over his life?

it seems like everyone forgot this small detail


I love how Oliver just assumed he was the important person Felicity was afraid of losing.

you think we’re just pretty things
you couldn’t be more wrong.